Pervaiz Naviede Family Trust Hopes To Woo Chinese Property Investors

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China’s property market is entering a make or break period leading to some property investors losing billions of dollars, but there are still plenty of Chinese investors interested in property abroad. The Pervaiz Naviede Family Trust hopes to attract those considering the UK as an alternative place to invest their considerable wealth.

Manchester based global investors, The Pervaiz Naviede Family Trust are hoping to introduce Chinese investors to UK property in a bid to convince them of the merits of investing in UK cities.

Chinese buyers are becoming a particular target for real estate firms all over the world who hope to tap into their considerable wealth. With Chinese investors waking up to the potential of heading west for high capital growth as property prices at home start to fall, many will see countries like the UK and the USA as ideal places to park their cash.

The drive to raise awareness of investment opportunities abroad at International property shows has paid dividends for many real estate developers with Chinese buyers investing an estimated $37bn on overseas property in 2013.

Speaking on his return from China, Trust founder, Pervaiz Naviede, said “There are many opportunities for the Chinese to invest in the UK, and into long-term, sustainable developments. We look forward to creating some solid business relationships in China and bringing investment into the United Kingdom for the benefit of all.”

There is a sense that this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Chinese investment in property abroad. The number investing is expected to grow considerably, backed by the economic miracle that has occurred in China over the last decade.

China’s huge population and growing upper-middle class are branching out overseas looking for the best education they can find abroad and investment properties close to good universities are proving to be of particular interest.

The Pervaiz Naviede Trust which has assets of £200m in commercial and residential property in the UK and UAE travelled to Beijing to gather information on the kind of investments likely to attract Chinese buyers.

Members of the Trust attended a conference held by the largest overseas investment organization inside China, a website which has grown considerably on the back of Chinese investor interest in overseas property.

As part of its commitment to promoting investment in the city of Manchester, the Salford based Trust has developed links with the University of Manchester.

According to statistics, the university has recruited more international students than any other higher education establishment and has a large community of Chinese students studying for degrees.

Rudi Falla, speaking on behalf of the Trust, said “Manchester has international appeal to overseas buyers thanks to the standing of the University coupled with the worldwide recognition of Manchester United Football Club. This ensures the city is well poised to benefit from overseas investment, in particular the growing Chinese market.”

An £800m deal between British and Chinese companies has been reached to expand Manchester’s Airport City. This is expected to lead to the creation of 12,000 jobs, as well as direct flights between Manchester and the Chinese capital.

Posted on: October 31, 2014

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