50 Shades Of Property Advertising

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What were they thinking? Is probably a familiar question asked by estate agents all over the UK confronted with pictures of naked occupants hanging on the walls of houses they hope to sell and other bizarre ‘decorative features’.

A recent survey by property agents Move With Us has uncovered all kinds romantic activity happening in homes around the UK. This wouldn’t normally be a problem for the people concerned unless, that is, they want to sell those homes.

Rather than opt to do a bit of redecorating to neutralize their houses ready for viewing it seems that there are still a minority of people who prefer to let everyone in on their romantic history.

Admittedly the Move With Us survey did ask estate agents to name romantic things they have discovered in their clients’ homes. The top five miscellaneous answers were.

1. Pictures of an elderly couple making love on their bedroom walls
2. A couple caught in bed
3. A framed whip on the wall
4. Revolving circular bed
5. What can only be described as a ‘love shrine’

Framed Whips Hanging On The Wall Could Put Some House Buyers Off

Depending on where these people live in the UK, the odd whip hanging on the wall might not make much of a difference but there are some parts of the UK where properties have been sitting on the market for five years or more.

The ‘romantic’ additions mentioned above appear to be the tip of the iceberg with 61% of the agents seeing extraordinary romantic décor in a seller’s home. 41% these featured naked pictures of the sellers in various poses.

Many were supersized to 6ft with some showing love timelines of a couple’s not so personal love journeys. Business may be booming for photographers forced to earn their money recording these ‘journeys’ for happy couples but the effect on house sales may be less positive.

What sellers should be focusing, according to Move With Us, is getting rid of odours, letting light in, tidying up properties and creating space. It is well known in property circles that buyers prefer to view a property without the owners being in the equation. This may be bad news for couples who want to share every bit of themselves including their fetishes.

A neutral colour scheme and a clean exterior are other things to watch out for just in case buyers happen to be driving by to take a look before booking a formal viewing.

Simon King, Director of the Move with Us Partner Network commented: “Whilst this is all good for a laugh, people that seriously want to sell their property should re-think these decorating choices as they really can put-off buyers or the property may sell but at a lower price than if they had made a few simple changes.

Evidence shows that a property is more likely to sell if it’s neutralised as this helps potential buyers to imagine the space as their own. This includes taking down personal photos and neutralising any bright colour schemes.”

With the opening of Fifty Shades Of Grey in the cinemas and Valentines Day following in quick succession, things are unlikely to get better for estate agents any time soon.

Posted on: February 11, 2015

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